Could Arista EOS Run On Whitebox Hardware ?


I was recently asked if Arista EOS could run on Whitebox┬ánetwork hardware. From a blog post on the Arista website on July 1, 2013 : In fact, a little known secret is that Arista EOS was intended to run on third-party hardware. The Arista vEOS control plane provides the ability to run as a VM […]

Cisco ACE is not EOL or dead ? Needs 40 Million Volts

Steven Schuchart from Cisco Analyst Relations leaves a comment over at Nerd Twilight to let us know that the Cisco ACE isn’t dead. Presumably, it’s about to get “40 million volts through it” to prove it’s “not dead” Yup I understand that there has been a lot of confusion and difficulty regarding ACE in the […]

Show 45 – Arista – EOS Network Software Architecture – Webinar


This is the recording of the sponsored Arista Networks Webinar on the EOS Software Architecture. EOS is the operating system that runs on the Arista Networks switches. Arista Networks has been shaking up the switching business with their use of merchant silicon and Linux-based OS for a new and unique networking that is completely different to everyone else.

A previous show on Arista in the Data Centre was very popular and Arista have returned on the back of this success to talk more about their products.

On the program we had:

* Ken Duda, Founder and VP of Software Engineering
Hugh Holbrook, co-author of the PIM-SM specification and software engineer
Adam Sweeney, Director of Software Engineering