Configuring iTerm for Dynamips

To get started with my lab faster I use iTerm to prepare a full set of possible sessions. This post walks through how to do this which should help you to get started faster. Also some keyboard shortcuts.

Unzip Cisco IOS images for Dynamips

I have a directory ‘dynalab’ in my ‘Documents’ where I have put ALL my Dynamips / Dynagen related files. I created a directory there which has all my IOS images, this makes more sense to my mind. Makes it easier to backup.

Dynamips on a MacBook Pro

I am doing some proof of concept for an MPLS data centre and did something I have not normally done. I used my MacBook Pro to run Dynamips / Dynagen. I am very pleased with 9 3640 routers running Enterprise Plus, and 2 2611 Routers with IP and running less than 60% CPU across both […]