Cisco IOS Emulator Petition – Reloaded

Due to popular demand I have restarted the IOS Petition. The last petition got to nearly 1200 signatures before something caused it to crash. Either way, it’s time to signal to Cisco that we remain serious and committed to getting proper access to testing and learning emulation software.

Remember, if you are using Dynamips you won’t be able to test IOS Version 15.0. What will you do when they come for you ?

After all, Cisco’s share price dropped 12% this week, maybe they will be listening a bit more closely to their customers instead of ignoring us.

Head over to the petition and sign up. The system has protection against blind and double voting – I’ve activated the email confirmation. I won’t abuse your email address but you will need to use a genuine email or your vote doesn’t count.

Cisco IOS Petition – Reloaded

Suspending and resuming Dynamips

As someone who travels often, and always looking to make use of the travel time, I was pleased to find that I can suspend and resume the Dynamips routers. This saves me battery on longer trips, or lets me have more CPU when I running other applications such as Parallels / VMware to give me some Microsoft Visio joy. iTerm sessions are not terminated by doing this, they just don’t show any data until you resume the sessions.