Cisco IOS Emulator Petition – Reloaded

Due to popular demand I have restarted the IOS Petition. The last petition got to nearly 1200 signatures before something caused it to crash. Either way, it’s time to signal to Cisco that we remain serious and committed to getting proper access to testing and learning emulation software.

Remember, if you are using Dynamips you won’t be able to test IOS Version 15.0. What will you do when they come for you ?

After all, Cisco’s share price dropped 12% this week, maybe they will be listening a bit more closely to their customers instead of ignoring us.

Head over to the petition and sign up. The system has protection against blind and double voting – I’ve activated the email confirmation. I won’t abuse your email address but you will need to use a genuine email or your vote doesn’t count.

Cisco IOS Petition – Reloaded

The Case for Network Emulators

It’s time to start demanding that vendors make their emulators available to their customers so that we can save money, improve customer value, and increase the Networking Market.

Control CPU usage in GNS3 / Dynamips with Process Lasso

have been a user of Dynamips/GNS3 for several years now and I canĂ­t imagine what I would do without it. I use it for doing Proof Of Concept work and for Studying. This tip looks at managing CPU utilisation on Windows.

Reloading IOS config at CLI for Dynamips/Dynagen

David Sudjiman show us how to save and reload Cisco IOS configurations from the command line in Dynamips / Dynagen.

Dynamips, Dynagen, GNS3 0.7, IOS15.0 and Snow Leopard OSX

It works.

Install GNS3 on Mac OSX Leopard

This post looks at installing GNS3 on Snow Leopard and has a number of screenshots and some tips on making it go well.

Caring for your Dynamips install – deleting unwanted files

Dynamips and dynagen are well behaved programs most of the time. Occasionally I am configuring a feature or two that causes IOS to crash (most recently I was configuring MPLS and redistribution on c2600 IOS which got really busted).

Then I noticed that my hard drive didn’t have a lot of free space….

iTerm and Dynamips – write to all terminals at once

I am often find myself needing to stop, make a configuration change to Dynagen, and then restart. To make sure I don’t miss anything I go to every screen and write the configuration.

In iTerm, there is the ability to send the same command to all screens at once, excellent!

Suspending and resuming Dynamips

As someone who travels often, and always looking to make use of the travel time, I was pleased to find that I can suspend and resume the Dynamips routers. This saves me battery on longer trips, or lets me have more CPU when I running other applications such as Parallels / VMware to give me some Microsoft Visio joy. iTerm sessions are not terminated by doing this, they just don’t show any data until you resume the sessions.

Dynamips and the Leopard terminal

I wanted Dynamips to act more like the way I think and it keeps on opening multiple terminal windows but I like to use iTerm.

Configuring iTerm for Dynamips

To get started with my lab faster I use iTerm to prepare a full set of possible sessions. This post walks through how to do this which should help you to get started faster. Also some keyboard shortcuts.

Unzip Cisco IOS images for Dynamips

I have a directory ‘dynalab’ in my ‘Documents’ where I have put ALL my Dynamips / Dynagen related files. I created a directory there which has all my IOS images, this makes more sense to my mind. Makes it easier to backup.

Tips for Dynamips / Dynagen on Leopard OS X

Tips for Dynamips / Dynagen on Leopard OS X

Dynamips on a MacBook Pro

I am doing some proof of concept for an MPLS data centre and did something I have not normally done. I used my MacBook Pro to run Dynamips / Dynagen. I am very pleased with 9 3640 routers running Enterprise Plus, and 2 2611 Routers with IP and running less than 60% CPU across both […]

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