DevonThink for Automatic Content Discovery

I’ve got a lot of content in my DevonThink system. As you can see here, over 805 files in the Inbox of my gfDefaultInbox alone. Note: Click on the images for fulle     I’ve been promising myself to spend some time looking into LISP, and I¬†KNOW that I’ve been collecting content about LISP for […]


My Knowledge Management Process with PDF Files – Part 2

I’ve been asked a few times about how I organise my PDF files and keep track of documents. This post looks at my workflow for capturing, storing, tagging and organising my Knowledge Management system. This is Part 2


My Knowledge Management Process with PDF Files – Part 1

A few times I’ve mentioned about how I manage collections of PDF documents, Text files and the accreted detritus of a Network Engineer. Since a number of people have asked me to talk in more detail about how I organise this and what methods I use, here is some rough description of how I perform knowledge management.

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