Overlay Networking & VXLAN Means MPLS in the Data Centre is Dead

Overlay networking has been around for a year or so now and the ideas behind it are well established. It was about 3/4 weeks ago while researching VTEP functionality in Dell and Arista switches that I realised I could build manually configured tunnels with VXLAN and get the same results as an EoMPLS x-connect with almost zero effort. More importantly, I don’t have to pay for expensive hardware that has MPLS functions or pay again for software licenses to upgrade with MPLS features.

Response: IPspace.net – Redundant Data Center Internet Connectivity

Ivan Peplnjak posts an outstanding summary of the myriad networking challenges when designing a dual Data Centre . Complete with cynical commentary and live action diagrams, he explains the problem and some suggestions for the solution. Recommended for everyone! We have a network with two data centers (connected with a DCI link). How could we […]


◎ Brocade’s Data Centre Ethernet Strategy

I attended the Brocade Analyst and Tech Day last week as a guest of Brocade where I got to learn more about product, technology and strategy. In particular, the event was led by the launch of the Brocade VDX 8770.

TL:DR version: I have a better understanding of Brocade’s market strategy, insight into the technology and believe that Brocade has a a good product here. The proof will be in the delivery, and whether Brocade can let go of it’s storage legacy (FibreChannel) and properly commit to Ethernet. They will need to convince networking professionals that their product managers understand the market and requirements to get them to switch to Brocade. At this time, I think Brocade has a chance of making that happen based on the emphasis of VCS Fabric and Automation.

Where I’m less comfortable is that Brocade will rely on external parties to deliver the software automation – that’s a strategy that has NOT worked in the last 20 years. There is no reason to believe this anything has changed.

Contains pictures and words.

Cat 5 and Cat 6 Bundle - side by side (Click for larger)

Size Differences – Cat5 and Cat6 Cable Bundles

I’ve talked bit about the problems of using Category 6 copper cabling in the data centre. The sheer size and weight of the cable is a serious problem. Here are some photos showing the comparison of Category 5 and Category 6 cable bundles.


How TRILL (and SPB) can reduce STP risk and mitigate impact

In this post, I’m looking at network designs with ECMP cores using TRILL or SPB, I’m realising that STP is equally improved in terms of risk and performance by reducing the STP domain size which leads to better stability, reduced risk and impact mitigation

Responding: On optimizing traffic for network virtualization

I’m responding to Brad Hedlund’s post “On optimizing traffic for network virtualization” where he seems to missed a key point. It’s about cost of ownership in terms of ability to troubleshoot.

Modular Data Centre – on the highway

Saw this modular data centre rolling down the highway today.

Internets of Interest:5 Aug 10

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TRILL: its a deja vu all over again

If youíre old enough to remember what ZX-81 was all about, youíll probably experience a weird sense of dÈj‡-vu when being exposed to the beauties of TRILL says Ivan Pepelnjak.

Internets of Interest:27 Apr 10

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