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Response: Published Workbooks at Fryguy’s Blog

Jeff Fry has been quietly making a significant contribution to the networking community via a series of workbooks on NX-OS, IOS-XR and Junos that provide practical insight and experience into configuring, using and generally making like better.

Response: Why Community Counts

Brent Salisbury has great blog about his experiences using SDN and OpenFlow at a University. He wrote this post about the power of Community: The software development world wrote the book on community. The networking industry has typically been fragmented into islands with interactions being determined by vendor orchestrations. The leadership these folks are sowing […]


Spirent Network Heroes 2012 – Nominations Open

Nominations for the UK Network Heroes award from Spirent are open. Since I’ve been asked to be a eminent judge, I’d like to see some of the best talent that UK has to offer stand up and be counted. The UK has a lot of great engineers and architects but they are rarely recognised. Here is your chance.

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