Musing: Observations on IBM sale of Server Division to Lenovo

Reuters reports that Lenovo has bought the server division of IBM. Some observations from my perspective.


Server Performance, Network Agents, Software Routers and Networking

Steven emailed me about whether x86 server and software networking can ever match the performance of hardware routers. The answer is yes for many use cases and no for some. I believe that most organisations could save large sums of money by replacing hardware routers in the years ahead. Here is why.

Response: Intel SDK Update Boosts Data Center Switching Features

Intel announces that their SDK for their premium merchant silicon FM6000 now supports VXLAN, EVB with VEPA and TRILL. This is faster than I expected to announce VXLAN and TRILL. In essence, these features are now vital for modern data centre ¬†switching. Assuming that vendors can rapidly integrate the SDK into their firmware OS, the […]

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