VMware vCloud, Isolated Networks and L2 network overlays.

Apparently VMware vCloud product supports the use of “isolated networks”. What I just found out is that Isolated Networks are MAC-in-MAC encapsulated Ethernet. Oh my.

Blessay: Cloud Convergence, Skills and Your Career

Did we forget that change is the only constant in IT ?

Internets of Interest:31 Aug 10

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 31 Aug 10:

Internets of Interest:29 Aug 10

Lots and Lots happening on the web this week: Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 29 Aug 10:

Bisectional Bandwidth. And why L2MP and Trill/RBridges is important ?

Greg Ferro looks at Bisectional Bandwidth as a design technique in the data centre and why the impact of Layer 2 Multi-Pathing is a vital part of Data Centre Network Design.

TRILL: its a deja vu all over again

If youíre old enough to remember what ZX-81 was all about, youíll probably experience a weird sense of dÈj‡-vu when being exposed to the beauties of TRILL says Ivan Pepelnjak.

Market positioning Acadia, EMC, Cisco and the whole vBlock Idea

So a while back, Cisco, VMWare and EMC announced that they are forming a partnership to co-operatively sell and support products in a joint venture named Acadia. Selected engineers and sales grunts, USD$200 million bucks and “no large customer left untouched” door to door marketing campaign. Is there anything to it ?

Cisco FWSM and ACE resource allocation strategies

This post looks at design models for handling the allocation of resources within the Cisco ACE and FWSM modules. In may be relevant to other virtualisation system where allocation of virtual resources needs a strategy.

Blessay:Cloud Computing not “Essential Service”, more like “Public Transport”

I believe that Cloud Computing is unlikely to become Essential Service, but will be more like Public Transport – cheap, mass market, limited function and “acceptable” for some.

Internets of Interest:21 Dec 09

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 21 Dec 09:

Networking is Cloud Ready. But where is Network Management ?

Doug Gourlay recently postulated that the Networking Industry was not ready for Cloud Computing, and there are no answers to the technical challenges that lie ahead. What a load of tosh. All we need is pastel colours and rounded corners and we are there.

Blessay:Cisco UCS really is just Blade Servers with fancy NICs & a response to HP Network ambition

I found some information today, realised that UCS is really servers with fancy NICs. It also reinforced my belief that Cisco is responding to HP & IBM, not attacking them.

Humour:Cloud Computing – A visual tale

I saw this picture today titled “Blue Sky Thinking”. I was struck by its Cloud Computing references…..

Network Fabric:TRILL for Server and Network People. Welcome RBridges

TRILL is a key network technology for enabling Cloud Computing by allowing for better migrations of VM’s, and better utilisation of the network switching fabric and much improved stability of the Data Centre Server Fabric.

The greatest risk to Cloud Computing ? The Vista effect.

Everyday brings news of another failure of a “Cloud Computing” service. It won’t take much in the current economic climate for the market to take a “Vista view” and not buy it.

5 Things about Cisco Announcement and a Wrap Up[Post Prandial]

So Cisco announced it Intel Servers today. Its kind of exciting if you are into Data Centers and Virtualisation. They have done something very different.

Top 5 things about the Cisco Data Centre 3.0 Announcement Today [Humour]

Just before the much ballyhooed launch of Cisco supposed servers, let look at Etherealmind’s Top 5 Things about Cisco’s launch today.

Windows Azure signals start of Misty Computing – Microsoft will always sell to the enterprise

Everyone is congratulating Microsoft for their new Cloud Computer thingie – Azure. All I see is public beta for Corporate Cloud Service.

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