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This article from Mike Fratto at Current Analysis is great observation. Here is my view on the core topic: Networking vendors need to embrace homogeneity—that’s my first bit of advice—and present the most homogenous network to the virtual environment they can. By being homogenous, enterprises can swap out networking with far less disruption than having […]

A Hosting Cathedral or a Cloud Bazaar ?


I woke up at three o’clock this morning with a thought racing around my brain – am I building a Hosting Cathedral or Cloud Bazaar ? My data centre is like a cathedral – regimented rows of seats, full of disciplined and controlled resources all looking towards the technical priests for inspiration and direction. Each […]

Response: Private Clouds Will Change IT Jobs, Not Eliminate Them – Network Computing

Mike Fratto and NetworkComputing does a great job explaining the impact of Private Clouds on your career path: The problem: Change control rules the roost, and planned recovery procedures are required for every change. Cowboy IT isn’t allowed. The result is that IT operations are mostly manual, and any functions that are automated are tightly […]

Rant: Our Vendor Partners Dont Have an SDN Vision


There is an old saying “A man with his eyes fixed on Heaven doesn’t see where he is going”. It’s an almost perfect description of how the major vendors are bringing Software Defined Networking to the market.

The consistent message from all the vendors and especially the Cisco, Juniper and Brocade is that there are “no use cases for SDN”. In the last three months, this has been a constantly repeated statement both publicly and privately. This beggars belief that vendors can’t see immediate needs that deliver long term gains.

I suspect that the root of this problem is the big companies want to solve big problems. And by solving big problems they figure that they can make big revenue. Alright, I get that. It’s understandable that large organisations need a constant revenue stream to feed the insatiable maws of their shareholders. However, the vendors re also missing the most real and immediate problem of networking today. Simply, Networking is too hard.

Vendors haven’t developed tools that keep the complexity of networking under control. Complexity can be reduced to this: “I don’t have big problems, I have lots of small problems.” You can have debates about addressing complexity and how to attack it, but it nearly always boils down to this: start small.

Poster: Cloud Price Negotiations

Poster: Cloud Price Negotiation

Some time ago, I was asked to work with a Cloud Provider to establish a budget for a potential project. I was unable to set a project budget because there was no way of capping the cost and meeting a budget. This is how the conversations with the sales representative went when discussing “How much […]

ConsultoBabble Deployment Analysis Report for Cloud Deployment of

I don’t use a Cloud for any of my blogs or email services. I’ve looked at three different cloud providers including Amazon, Rackspace and others. I guessed that they all would work, more or less. Except they cost between four to ten times the solution from a managed service provider. Here is my exit report for the fictitious consulting engagement with myself.

Complex Systems have Complex Failures. That’s Cloud Computing.

Exposing cloud failures The result of the Amazon EC2 failure this week has exposed a number of technology strategies in cloud infrastructure as being less than perfect. Complex systems have complex failures The most vexing problem of Cloud Computing is that these systems are complex, and the more complex system the more complex the failure. […]