Rant: Certification and Training Does Prepare You For The Real World

A common complaint about vendor certifications is that they don’t prepare you for the real world. Well of course not. Neither did high school or college. And thinking about it, my University education wasn’t much better.

How To: Certification and Pay Rises

One issue that often gets asked is whether you should ask for a pay rise after you have passed a certification exam. Let’s say that you have just passed your latest certification exam, and you feel that you now have greater value and skills so it’s time to talk about a pay rise with your boss. Here is a key tip.

Internets of Interest:2 Sep 10

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 2 Sep 10:

So You Want to be a Network Consultant

Having spent over twenty years in I.T. and over seventeen years in networking, Iíve worked with a lot of Network Engineers. Career progression has always been a hot topic. Iíve always been interested in learning how people have found themselves in the job they now do. Here are ten tips from a Technical Services Director (or Vice President) on how to work for a Reseller.

Mental Case on the iPad : Memorising and Refreshing Information

Mental Case for the iPad was released today, and I am well impressed. Looks great, feels great and improves my revision time.

How long does it take to become a CCIE from 0?

I donít have the answer but in this not so brief post I can show you how long it took me and tell you a little about my journey.

Has IT certification become nothing more than a racket?

Has IT certification become nothing more than a racket? Something I heard this week made me really start to wonder?

Why the CCIE program is more useful than the certification itself.

The CCIE program isn’t just about knowledge, it’s also about technique and methods that help you continue learning all your life.

Dynamips, Dynagen, GNS3 0.7, IOS15.0 and Snow Leopard OSX

It works.

Opinion: Observations on CCNP changes and new CCIE SP Ops

Some observations on what the changes to the CCNP and CCIE programs tell us about Cisco intentions for their certification programs.

Too many directions, too much to think about

I’m working on too many things – too many technologies, too many vendors. How did I get here ?

Blessay: My Life of Study – Planning, Tips and Thoughts

I was asked how I organise myself to study, and how do I make time. It not really easy to write it out because I make choices that suit my life, but if someone wants my recommendations or suggestions, here they are.

More racks from InternetExpert – better time slots

Internetwork Expert has announced more lab racks coming online in November. Most important is the new time slots which recognise that not every customer lives in America and will suit more customers globally.

Cisco does CCIE training programs ? Not really, more about image and brand

CCIE is starting its own CCIE Study program. What does this mean ? Allow me to pontificate.

Opinion:Certification Matters – Exams are not relevant to Real Life – Part 4

One of the most common complaints from mendicants is that the written exams are not relevant to daily use of the technology or their jobs, and how am I supposed to learn this stuff ? Eh ? Of course they aren’t relevant. Lets look at this fallacy.

Opinion:Certification Matters- Only you can do the study – Part 3

When its comes to achieving certification, only you can do the study. Making excuses for why you haven’t started or about how much it costs, are just excuses.

Opinion:Certification Matters -Part 2- Knowledge or Experience – Which is more valuable ?

Is knowledge or experience better when hunting for a position ? It’s a good topic and worth putting some ideas down here and having a discussion.

Opinion: Certification matters – Experience less so – Part 1

I have received a couple of comments lately about Certification and taking me to task about my support for certified people. Here’s is Part One of Three (or more) about Certification and why it matters.

Bob Cringely – CCIE:The Leading Men – judge economic progress

Bob Cringely analyses GDP per CCIE in a country to judge their future economic progress. Who cares about the information, this is a huge push for our CCIE certification. Folks, time to think about asking for a raise!

What is a ‘free’ or ‘unattached’ CCIE number or status ?

If you have never worked for a Cisco reseller, you may not know about this vital procedure of “attaching” your CCIE status to the reseller.

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