Comment: “Worlds Youngest CCIE” not so All That.

There is some buzz going on at the moment about a guy that has managed to pass his CCIE at something like 18 years of age. Congratulations to him for a job well done. However, I would point out that this isn’t exactly a great achievement. In my opinion, there are people who are much more worthy of recognition for passing a certification.

Use of the term ‘engineers’, IET and Cisco.

Someone has popped out the tiresome “you aren’t engineers” issue over at Packetlife. In simple fact, provided you have passed certain qualifications, you certainly are recognised as an engineer.

HP ExpertONE certifications announced.

A quick look at HP’s announcement on their new ExpertONE certification program.

Mental Case on the iPad : Memorising and Refreshing Information

Mental Case for the iPad was released today, and I am well impressed. Looks great, feels great and improves my revision time.

Teach a man to fish – On Learning to Learn and Certification

Musing on “learning something” as opposed to “learning to learn something”. I believe this is a vital part of understanding certification.

Blessay: On CCIE Core Knowledge Waivers. The HP fallout continues. – UPDATED

I’m betting that the CCIE Core Knowledge Question waivers is because of HP. Oh, and making money.

“Just In Case” versus “Just In Time” Learning. Or Why Am I Learning this useless crud !?

You need to learn what you don’t know to succeed in Networking. Understanding “Just in Case” instead of “Just in Time” learning might help you to understand why.

Opinion: Observations on CCNP changes and new CCIE SP Ops

Some observations on what the changes to the CCNP and CCIE programs tell us about Cisco intentions for their certification programs.

Cisco Credential Verification Report – checking certification status

I found this in Cisco’s Certification site today. Allows recruiter’s and employers to confirm your Cisco Certification status.

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