Blessay:VTP Version 3.0 – Is VTP making a comeback ?

VTP Version 3.0 – Is VTP making a comeback ? I found this document at today about VTPv3. What ? VTPv3 ? I had to dig into that.

Rant: Buying from the USA – ccbootcamp

I went to buy a written study guide from ccbootcamp yesterday, cost USD$129, shipping USD$80. I guess business is too good for US companies.

Cisco CCIE 360 program – Press here to Add to Cart

I saw Cisco 3660 CCIE study program in an online store today. It struck me as poor value for money. Here’s why…

Blog:Considering CCIE Security Training material

I am seriously considering whether to undertake my second CCIE exam by doing the CCIE Security. Since the credit crunch has created a downturn in the market it is the best time to study. I am reviewing the training resources available and deciding which products might be worth purchasing.

Algoryhme by Radia Perlman

Radia Perlman penned this poem while she developed Spanning Tree.

Blessay: IT Training Lessons from the Olympics

While the current Olympics is about as interesting as reviewing firewall rules, the current success of first world nations shows that money CAN buy you success. I’m hoping IT Managers can learn training lessons from this.

What is a ‘free’ or ‘unattached’ CCIE number or status ?

If you have never worked for a Cisco reseller, you may not know about this vital procedure of “attaching” your CCIE status to the reseller.

The CCIE Medallion

Arden Packeer was passing comments on his plaque…. but mine is much cooler….

On passing my CCIE exam in 2001 – Day Two

So its the second day, I haven’t slept much. I am stressed. I ring the family to check that everything is fine, and get ready to go for the second round.

On my CCIE Lab Exam in 2001 – Day One

When I passed my CCIE in 2001, I remember both the jubilation and exhaustion of the moment. Also the loneliness, after all, my wife and children had been without a functional partner and father for more than year, and they were not there with me at the final moment.

Let me explain.

IOS: Reverse SSH console access – Part 2

Following my original post about configuring Reverse SSH on a Cisco console server, I wanted to make some followup to extend the usage.

Blue Coat ProxySG VIP and Cisco switches need Multicast enabled

You have a pair of shiny new ProxySG boxen that you want to setup in active / standby for high availability. You configure it up and everything seems to work, and then it doesn’t, or other equipment on the same network experiences random problems.

What you are having is a Multicast problem with your Ethernet switches, most likely your Cisco switches, that has the problem. How to understand and solve the problem after the jump.

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