Cisco IOS load balancing for Blue Coat SGOS

Some time ago I used IOS SLB feature on a C6500 to load balance a pair of Blue Coat ProxySG. Here the confuguration and some notes.

Fast Introduction to SOCKS Proxy

Introduction In the Blue Coat forums I often see people ask questions about SOCKS that show they haven’t taken the time to learn what it is. This is a fast introduction to what SOCKS is.

Blue Coat ProxySG VIP and Cisco switches need Multicast enabled

You have a pair of shiny new ProxySG boxen that you want to setup in active / standby for high availability. You configure it up and everything seems to work, and then it doesn’t, or other equipment on the same network experiences random problems.

What you are having is a Multicast problem with your Ethernet switches, most likely your Cisco switches, that has the problem. How to understand and solve the problem after the jump.

Checking connectivity on your Blue Coat ProxySG

A very simple tool in your Proxy SG to check that you can access resources. It only works for HTTP but it provides a good check. I use this a lot in networks where ICMP has been disabled for security.

Performance of Blue Coat BCAAA agent for authentication

A common question in the Blue Coat forums is about the server specification for the BCAAA and how many users can be supported. While I am not sure sure about the performance that Blue Coat recommends I can tell you my experiences.

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