Designer or Engineer, Artist or Painter

Are you a painter or an artist ? Are you an engineer or a designer ? Can you Paint with a Hammer?

Blessay: Why I think IP Telephony is over (and I’m not studying CCIE Voice)

I think that IP Telephony is over and the whole idea of in house PBX is gently fading away to be replaced by Presence and Mobile phones.

Etherealmind has a new look and opens for direct sponsors

Ethereal Mind has had a makeover on the weekend and has a new theme. I’m much happier with the look and feel and it seems a bit quicker. And I’m now taking direct advertising and sponsorship.

Syntax: VLANs or VLAN’s ?

Given that I write designs a lot, I get to write the word VLAN quite a bit. I’m still wondering which is the best way ?

Rant:My growing dislike of “cross marketing”

I purchase a new product / thing / software. I delight in opening / using / starting it for the first time. Then, an advertisement spews up for a related product. Lousy douchetards, if I wanted that, I would have bought it.

Frame or Packets – Make sure you get it right!

When you use the terms ‘frames’ or ‘packets’ make sure you get it right!

Network ZEN: Stackable or Chassis Switches

The Zen Master was meditating over his network, at oneness with the Flow. A student approached the master and asked ‘may I not stack the c3750 to create more connections to the Flow’.

Design:Choosing Firefox for IE6 compatibility

Recent discussions about legacy software requiring IE6 means that we will deploy Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.

Reasons For Using NFS With VMware Virtual Infrastructure

“A lot of companies are using NFS as the preferred protocol to shared storage for VMware Virtual Infrastructure. In my personal experience, The administrative options and convenience of NFS is unmatched, and the virtual machine (VM) performance is surprising.”

Windows 7′s XP Mode – Needs BIOS changes

This Register article points out that the Windows XP emulation feature in Windows 7 needs virtualisation enabled in the BIOS on a supported CPU. Let me point out that changing the BIOS on eight thousand desktops isn’t going to be an option.

Remove NoScript from your Firefox – here is why.

The developer of the popular NoScript addon for Firefox has moved to an ad-supported model to make money. This includes offering toolbars and whitelisting certain advertising sites.

Top 4 things about IBM buying Sun

Some ideas, humour and bile about IBM buying Sun.

Top 5 things about the Cisco Data Centre 3.0 Announcement Today [Humour]

Just before the much ballyhooed launch of Cisco supposed servers, let look at Etherealmind’s Top 5 Things about Cisco’s launch today.

Public Cloud Computing looks bad – again., an online boolmarking service like delicious is broken. Another “Cloud Computing” service goes out with a whimper.

Etherealmind’s Favourite Posts of 2008

I have been going over the year and picked out some of my personal favourites as well as some of the most popular posts this year.

Review: How close was my Top5 on Cisco’s Viral Marketing for ASR9000

Couple of weeks ago I posted Top 5 things about Cisco’s Viral Marketing announcement. How did I do ?

Number 1 Reason to avoid using the Cisco Learning Network | Cisco Study Blog

Brandon makes a good point about Cisco intervention in the Cisco Learning Network. In general, Cisco employees have a tendency to overstep the mark and can be rather taken with their imagined importance. They also get very defensive about looking after the ‘company image’ or their public profile. Number 1 Reason to avoid using the […]

I believe that there should be a Security Design team and a Security Audit team. All security operations should be performed by Network Operations.

I believe that there should be a Security Design team and a Security Audit team. All security operations should be performed by Network Operations.

No more handbags at dawn. Lets get to work.

Looks like Brian Dennis may have realised that handbags at dawn isn’t a good look. Good. Lets get down to business, For now, Internetwork Expert has a good program and a defined future to compete with Cisco 360 study offering and is probably superior (given that few people seem to publicly recommend NetMasterClass). For a […]

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: Openness is not enough

Nick Carr is so clever: “But in this early stage of the cloud’s development, openness means little to the buyer (or user). The buyers, particularly those in big companies, are nervous about the cloud even as they are becoming increasingly eager to reap the benefits the cloud can provide. What they care about right now […]

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