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The Blogging Secret I Learned from Taylor Swift

“I’m always worried that I’ll be wrong”. “What if my article has a mistake ?”. One of the most common objections to publishing a blog post is fear of public humiliation.

Take it from me. You are worried about the wrong problem. Here is how you should be thinking….

Outburst: VMware Networking Blog: vSphere 5 New Networking Features – Score D Minus – Must Improv

The VMware networking blog talks about the new networking features in vSphere 5. Well, talk would be overstating it. Mention, maybe. Post It Note, perhaps.

In fact, you could probably burp out the feature list on a single beer.

Low Level Design – Think about the next step

A while back Greg wrote a great article about the “Rules of Design Documentation” http://etherealmind.com/rules-design-documentation-etherealmind/ these are really valuable rules when it comes to writing a design document and in my opinion is particularly relevant to a Low Level Design AKA Detailed Design Document.   Ask yourself Before you can apply these rules of design you must […]

Citrix Branch Repeater : WCCP or not to WCCP that is the question?

Whether ’tis nobler in the network to suffer un-accelerated traffic during an outage or to take arms in the form of Policy Based Routing. When you decide to†deploy†Citrix Branch Repeaters (CBR) you have to†deploy†at either end of the WAN to accelerate and compress traffic between these endpoints. Therefore it would seem sensible to have some […]

Citrix Branch Repeater Authentication with Cisco TACACS+

I have been looking about for documentation on how to configure TACACS authentication with a Citrix Branch Repeater, however so far I have only been able to find documentation for NetScaler. So I have setup a LAB and decided to write the documentation myself. For those who cannot be bothered to read this post there […]

QFabric – What excites me!

I was intrigued and excited about the Junipers announcement last week of QFabric. I was vaguely aware of TRILL and Cisco implementation (Fabric Path), but came to the table (so to speak) with no pre-conceptions of what I might expect.   SCI-FI – Is this just me? Is the Q in QFabric taken from sci-fi […]

So you want to use a 3750-X as a Router?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy This seems a straightforward question! Just load up with advanced IP services license, install the license file and reboot the switch and you should be good to go. Well that’s what I thought until recently when I done the very steps above and on the surface seemed okay but I wanted […]

Personal Change Control

Change Control In many organisations there are processes in place to manage change, depending on the size of the organisation the change control process can be very in depth and frustrating or can be non-existent. I have experienced many people talking about change management process as if it was the root of all evil. What […]

Licensing Tips for 3750 Stacks

Recently I had to upgrade some 3750-x Stacks to Advanced Services and the Cisco documentation was a bit short of advice, and certainly not all in the one place. So here is a quick run down of some key steps.

Remote (in band) configuration tips

However working on a Global network, especially if you are making changes in-band and you don’t have the facility to access the system via a remote console or have remote power control(For people who do have such infrastructure I am insanely jealous), then you need have a few outs to keep you out of trouble. I thought I would share some useful tips that help minimise risk for you when doing remote changes.

A Better Technique for Blogging and Writing – Markdown

This post looks at my favourite method for generating HTML for blogging using a combination of MultiMarkdown and NValt.

Cisco Press Textbooks – PDF, DRM Free and usable on the iPad, Kindle etc.

Cisco Press textbooks are available in PDF format from O’Reilly but don’t buy them from Cisco Press website because the Adobe DRM will cause you pain and problems.

HP Networking Tech Day – 23 & 24 August 2010

In some positive news, HP has reached out to the networking community and organised a Network Tech Day in Sacramento. They even invited me.

Runt Packet No 5 – A Technical Services Manager Speaks

Following the career discussions in some of our earlier podcasts, and his recent Blog Post “So you Want to be a Network Consultant” Kevin Bovis got in touch with me to talk about what sort of skills an engineer needs. We decided to record the discussion and so you can have even more Networking in your ears.

Control CPU usage in GNS3 / Dynamips with Process Lasso

have been a user of Dynamips/GNS3 for several years now and I canít imagine what I would do without it. I use it for doing Proof Of Concept work and for Studying. This tip looks at managing CPU utilisation on Windows.

How long does it take to become a CCIE from 0?

I donít have the answer but in this not so brief post I can show you how long it took me and tell you a little about my journey.

Sharing Ideas – GLBP and HSRP

John McManus kicks off writing at EtherealMind with a look HSRP and GLBP First Hop Redundancy Protocols.

Announcing the Packet Pushers Podcast – “Lab Scenario 1″

What do you get when three opinionated, irritable, knowledgeable and community minded Network Engineers on the telephone to talk about life in the Networking industry ? And if you recorded those three CCIE’s and published it as a podcast ? What would that be like ?

Network ZEN: OSPF or EIGRP

Network Zen on choosing OSPF or EIGRP routing protocols

Rant: It’s a Yes / No Question & Cisco IOS Software Licensing hell begins here

For Crom’s sake, answer the question. Who let the marketing people write this stuff!!!

OH, AND Cisco IOS Software Licensing hell starts now. I’m calling it.

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