Restrictions on Multi-Context Enhancements for Cisco ASA Software Release 9.0 – Updated

Another sign that it’s time to stop buying service modules for Catalyst 6500. This is not the time for dedicated hardware appliances such as ACE¬†or ASA Service Modules. Mulitcontext support for routing and VPN is not available on C6500 ASA Service Module.   Multi-Context Enhancements Enhances the current ASA Multicontext capability to include support for […]

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Software Q&A – Cisco Systems

The Cisco ASA must have new product managers in place. Haven’t seen the Cisco ASA software gets a ¬†dedicated place on Cisco’s web site before. Usually I have to go rattling around the product support pages to find out information about the latest release. For what’s it’s worth, Cisco ASA 9.0 has following major features […]

Cisco ASA – New Models Ahoy

Reading the release notes for ASA 8.6.1 today and noticed this about new models of Cisco ASA Firewalls.

Packet Pushers – Show 9 – Bogon Poetry

Ethan and Dan form up the podcast this week with JT as guest and discuss varous topics.

Cisco ASA Failover License changes in Version 8.3

Quick notes on the Virtual Context licensing requirements when using a Active/Standby (Failover) pair and looking for gotchas and traps.

Security: ASA Version 8.3.1 Released

Cisco releases ASA Ver 8.3.1. Major changes to NAT and memory upgrade needed.

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