Response: Arista EOS & Quality


This video from Ken Duda at Arista is, perhaps, the best explanation of Arista’s success with customers. As an engineer, I found this talk inspirational. No bonuses for hitting ship dates. This avoids “good enough” code getting shipped. Sure there are money problems associated with this but Arista believes quality is better. You write the […]

Could Arista EOS Run On Whitebox Hardware ?


I was recently asked if Arista EOS could run on Whitebox network hardware. From a blog post on the Arista website on July 1, 2013 : In fact, a little known secret is that Arista EOS was intended to run on third-party hardware. The Arista vEOS control plane provides the ability to run as a VM […]

◎ Tech Notes: Arista AgilePorts – Building 40Gigabit DCI with 10GbE ports


Stumbled over “AgilePorts” feature in Arista products this week: Arista’s AgilePorts technology enables the combination of four 10GbE SFP+ interfaces into a single 40GbE interface leveraging the parallel lane technology present in the 40GBASE-CR4 and 40GBASE-SR4standards. With AgilePorts, each 10GbE interface emulates one of the four parallel lanes, which are then driven by a 40GbE […]

◎ Comparing Arista and Brocade VXLAN VTEP Hardware Termination

Arista VTEP VXLAN termination

Arista has announced the 7150S device. It’s low latency, 10 Gigabit and VXLAN terminating. What’s interesting to me is that Brocade and Arista are solving the same problem in different ways. Ivan has determined that Arista have decided to use the Intel chipset (I’m guessing the SM6000?) and then enable the tunnel termination features in the software.

Intel: Arista uses our Merchant Silicon

Intel is crowing about their silicon being used in Arista’s 7124SX switch. Note that this is Intel’s switching silicon (from their purchase of Fulcrum not the FPGA.). At Network Field Day, Arista was at pains to avoid discussing their merchant silicon vendors, claiming that they choose the best chipset available at any time.

Show 45 – Arista – EOS Network Software Architecture – Webinar


This is the recording of the sponsored Arista Networks Webinar on the EOS Software Architecture. EOS is the operating system that runs on the Arista Networks switches. Arista Networks has been shaking up the switching business with their use of merchant silicon and Linux-based OS for a new and unique networking that is completely different to everyone else.

A previous show on Arista in the Data Centre was very popular and Arista have returned on the back of this success to talk more about their products.

On the program we had:

* Ken Duda, Founder and VP of Software Engineering
Hugh Holbrook, co-author of the PIM-SM specification and software engineer
Adam Sweeney, Director of Software Engineering