SOCKS Clients that are available for your Blue Coat ProxySG – update

A short list of SOCKS Clients that I have used or know of

Note that many programs have their own SOCKS client built in, many FTP clients such as Filezilla, WS FTP, Firefox and so on have built in support. You really need a client when you have an application that must use a proxy server, but the application does not have proxy support.



Commercial Client for Windows and MAC


Excellent and well known SOCKS client. Been around for many years as part of the their eXceed X Windows implementation. As far as I can tell, the client is free but still under license and support. I haven’t been able to test with this.

Hummingbird Web Site


Free version of what is now Widecap. Works OK but some people have reported reliability issues. Limited functionality – see Widecap below

Freecap web site


Commercial version of Freecap with a lot of extra features.

Widecap Web Site


Now defunct. Bought by Blue Coat and the client was discontinued.


Proxifier is a commercial product (but reasonably priced that has been recommended by some in the Blue Coat forums.

Windows Internet Explorer

Windows IE supports SOCKS proxy. Obviously, this means that IE can use a SOCKS proxy which is useful for testing the configuration on your ProxySG


Mac OSX native

OS X has SOCKS configuration support, but only for software that is programmed to the call the SOCKS method.



Proxifier has a Mac OSX version.

Others ?

If you know of others, or would something listed here then leave a comment below

  • Carl

    Thanks for the list. I have some questions about it :
    Do they all allow authentication with the socks proxy ?
    can authentication be integrated, so the user won’t re-enter its credentials (as for a browser) ? (“IWA for SOCKS”).

  • bleary

    Putty, an ssh and telnet client, has SOCKS client capability.

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