Sniffing on Cisco IOS on Unix (IOU) Emulator

Martin sent me an email about packet capture tool for IOU that he wrote. I haven’t tested it because I’m short on time right now so let me know what your experiences are:

Some of you might already know IOU, it’s Cisco IOS compiled on Unix. It allows emulating routers and switches.

One IOU process is one device. Communication between devices occurs through netio sockets, located in /tmp. Until now there wasn’t any tool for sniffing on these connections. Now there is one.

via Sniffing on IOU | Martin Cechvala’s Blog.

  • TJ Evans

    Is IOU(/IOL) available to the public? Every time I heard about it before, it was unofficial / hush-hush …

    • Lindsay Hill

      You can buy access to blocks of time using IOU running on Cisco’s servers, for CCNA/CCNP study. But they have not officially released it. It’s not hard to find though. Or so I heard.

  • disqus_2JDcLhKGb8

    Its not just sniffer. IOL/IOU is also capable generating packets for data or control plane (BGP/OSPF)…etc