Why Allocating a /64 is Not Wasteful and Necessary

Some discussion on why allocating a /64 is not wasteful

IPv6 – /48 allocation in /64 chunks – that’s a lot of addresses

I posted yesterday about changes to RFC3177 for IPv6 allocation. I wonder how many have done the maths on this and realised just how many addresses this works out to be. Lets hold hands and work through the maths: Lets say you are allocated a /48 by your favourite RIR. Lets also say you allocate […]

IPocalypse: What’s next for the ‘End of the Internet’ ?

So we are waiting for confirmation from IANA, but here is a bit of background.

The IPocalyse is Nigh – Forced Allocation of IPv4 to RIRs next week ?

The whisper is that the last two /8 IP address ranges were today allocated. Since there were seven pools of /8 addresses, this means that we are witnessing the start of the IPocalypse. What’s Happened ? Some time ago, Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) established the final process as the IPv4 address pool is exhausted. […]

IETF IPv6 address allocation policy being updated.

IETF is now backtracking on /48 IPv6 address allocation by letting anyone do what the hell they like. Why not ?


Scheduling the IPocalypse

Ivan Pepelnjak has made a presentation available at [Slideshare - Content over IPv6 - No Excuses]. One slide particularly caught my attention: It’s timely reminder that the IPocalypse is going happen quite slowly. Each step is inevitable but none of the them are the final step. For example, once the IANA runs out of addresses, […]

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