Network Dictionary: Technical Debt

Define the term “technical debt”

Network Dictionary – Bias Update

This week is the second time I’ve seen an employer change called a “bias update”. It says, I’ve quit my current employment and moving somewhere that will also pay me to say things they want me to say. All of my opinions will now be tainted by the new company that will require me to […]

Network Dictionary: Sonic Screwdriver

Network Dictionary: Sonic Screwdriver

Network Dictionary – Washing My Patch Cables

“Washing My Patch Cables”

Network Dictionary – Coin Operated

Define “Coin Operated”

Network Dictionary – Pinch off a Packet

Define “Pinch off a Packet”

Network Dictionary – Cloudtard

define Cloudtard

Network Dictionary – Default Gateway of Blame

Define “Default Gateway of Blame”

Network Dictionary – Negotiable Affection

“Negotiable Affection”

Network Dictionary – Reverse Recruiting

Reverse Recruiting is a term used to describe the process whereby a person is ‘encouraged’ to take their skills to another organisation where they will be appreciated. Because they aren’t appreciated by your managers and/or co-workers. Note that Reverse Recruiting is a sensitive issue, but is often followed by more direct techniques if gentle encouragement […]

Network Dictionary – percussive maintenance

Define “percussive maintenance”

Network Dictionary – Powerpoint Waterboarding

Define “Powerpoint Waterboarding”

Network Dictionary – Oral Masturbation

Define “Oral Masturbation”

Network Dictionary – consultant

Define “Consultant”

Network Dictionary – Eye Dee Ten Tee

Define Eye Dee Ten Tee

Network Dictionary – Moregasm

Define moregasm

Network Dictionary – Blamestorming

The intention of this disgusting practice show how base human nature can be. Originally intended to be a review of an outage or network impact so that analysis of the problem could occur and management could consider action that might prevent a repeat of the problem. Thus it was “brainstorming” the problem The reality is […]

Network Dictionary – velvet rut

“velvet rut” describes operational practice in a network that hasn’t changed in along time. Typically, some action that is done that way “because it’s always done that way”. Because it works and the world is a happy place therefore the practice must be a good one. Being stuck in a rut is no excuse for […]

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