Cisco IOU:Connect IOU with real or external networks

This is a reblog from and is a perl script that allows Cisco IOU to connect to external resources. I haven’t test this myself.

Cisco IOU:Scripted Start Multiple Routing with L2IOU, memory

This was sent in. Got lots more flexibility and more easily adapted for changes in your IOU image (if there are ever any). Comments are my own (hopefully they are accurate).

Cisco IOU: What can Cisco do for Testing, Validation & the IPv6 challenge ?

Wendell Odom has asked the question “If Cisco Would Give Us Anything for Learning/Testing..”. Here is my response.

Cisco IOU: Starting Multiple Routers

Here is a bash script for starting multiple IOU instances in a reasonably painless way. It’s not elegant, but I’m not a proper Linux nerd to make it any better than this.

Cisco IOU: Shutting down the IOU Processes

This is a simple bash shell script that looks for all IOU processes that have been started with the ‘wrapper-linux’ utility and then kills those processes.

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