IOS CLI: show run linenum

You probably know this one already, but I have been typing ìwr tî for a long time and never stopped to look. Puts a line number at the side of the config so you can say to the person on the other end of the phone, see line 10………. r2#sh run linenum Building configuration… Current […]

IOS:Open Source Lab DNS and IP addressing

A number of Cisco Bloggers have talked about making labs available for others to use. However, part of what will be needed is some conventions to make these labs work for the largest number of people. Following Ivan Pepelnjak posting on Private Domain Names, and an earlier posting that I made on Reserved IP Address […]

ip tcp timestamp

ip tcp timestamp I have seen this command a few times, today I am going to look into it and see what it does. Also, this is probably a classic CCIE lab gotcha.