Screencast: Knowledge Management in Technology – Part 3

Network Engineers have to manage a lot of information. Products, technologies, textbooks, study notes and research material as well as new protocols and features. Just simple tasks like keeping product manuals handy for 40 or 50 products is a real problem. How do you keep the information organised, referenced, accessible and useful ?

Your employer probably gives you second-rate computing tools like MS Windows & Office but there are software tools that can do valuable and useful tasks for managing your knowledge resources. Saving files in directories isn’t good enough in 2012, I needed to find better ways to manage the raw data, PDF files, Word Docs, that relate to projects – either delivery or research.

 These screencasts are about how I solve the problems for myself, maybe you might find something useful too. 

In Part 1 I discuss how Apple Spotlight is not able to effectively search for files I’ve stored on my hard drive. This led to using HoudahSpot to locate files on my drive.

In Part 2  , I talk about using DEVONthink as a knowledge management tool for storing PDF files, Text Files, Presentations and more. I cover the import of web pages and PDF files, plus using Groups and Tags to organise the data into useful chunks.

Also, I cover the management of writing projects and more by storing text files.

In Part 3 (this episode), I’ll describe how I use Markdown formatted text, combined with Folding Text and Marked Applications on Mac OS X to
create focussed and targeted environment. I briefly refer to using MultiMarkdown Composer for long documents because it handles tables and document outlines better.

If you have followed my blog post on Design Documentation you might understand how I approach writing as a brutalist production line instead of creative episode.

Networking Knowledge Management Part 3 – Writing WorkFlows with Markdown & Folding Text from Ethereal Mind


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  • Cnacorrea

    Just a few words: THANK YOU!!

    • Etherealmind

      Thanks. Glad you found it useful.

  • John Berry

    Watched all three screencasts on the morning commute. Great tips and ideas really well presented. Thanks Greg

    • Etherealmind

      Thanks for your kind comments. Glad you found it useful.

  • Tom Hill


    Thank you for these screencasts. I’ve been following your advice on tools as I recently moved to a MAC for my personal machine. I’ve gotten many of the tools you have recommended, but have been slow to figure out how to use them. Your screencasts correct that problem. Many thanks!

  • John Berry

    Hi Greg,
    Take a look at its a QuickLook viewer for Markdown. So you can just hit space in Devonthink and see the rendered Doc

  • Rudy L. Thema

    Hey Greg,
    Thanks for the tips. As a newbie, I often grow frustrated when it comes to write documents or keep my notes organized on my computer. I watching this made me rethink how I organize my knowledge-base

    It is also good to know that when documenting project, simplicity and clearly getting to the point is more important than worrying about writing style…
    Again thanks for making time to write this