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I needed to test some DNS configurations today and came across the an fulsome tool for gathering information about your websites, you hosting provider and their connectivity. AND it still has some amazing DNS, Blacklist and Peering information. Here with is a pictorial on the function of the website.

Head on over the Robtex

A map showing DNS resolution and Peering AS

This is an treasure of information. I can see my hostname and domain being resolved and then the IP addresses and the BGP AS is shown.

Caption Text.

Showing the DNS resolution to IP adddress and BGP AS.(Click for a full size image)

and clicking on the IP object gives you a map of the Peer Connectivity.

Caption Text.

Peer Connectivity to Public internet for for a full size image)

Check DNS configuration and

Caption Text.

Caption Text.(Click for a full size image)

Check Blacklists

Selecting the tab at the top will automatically do a lookup on most of the Blacklist providers to tell you if your domain is listed for bad behaviour.

Caption Text.

Check domain and IP status in the open Blacklists. (Click for a full size image)

The Etherealmind View

This is an amazing tool. Since I only need to access this type of information once or twice a year I don’t keep up with the latest tools and techniques. Having the information presented in compact, and hyperlinked form that can model the IP address, the domain name, the BGP AS, and map the connectivity between all the different elements is astonishing.

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For Interest Check these out

Cisco’s connectivity:

Caption Text.

Cisco's Connectivity. (Click for a full size image)

and the HP connectivity looks like a mess. I wouldn’t want to be troubleshooting this.

Caption Text.

HP Connectivity goes all over the place. (Click for a full size image)

  • PG

    ROFL, HP might want to fix their own network before trying to take on Cisco in the networking space :)

    Nice tool, I have bookmarked it!

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  • Gordon Jenkins

    NSA, Bluffdale, Utah, go FUCK YOURSELVES TWICE AS HARD!!