Response:Source Code Pro – monospaced terminal font from Adobe

Blog post from Adobe that discusses the background behind the Source Code monospace font and why it’s different. Today, my preferred monospace font for terminal use is Consolas but I’ll be trying this out for a while since it’s free and freely available. Once problem with Consolas is that it doesn’t anti-alias very well. That’s a nice gift from Adobe to the community.

The font goes to a lot of trouble to visually differentiate between similar characters such  l, 1 and I and aids better troubleshooting.

Certainly it’s better than any of monospaced fonts that ship by default in MS Windows and working in putty with those fonts can be a serious problem.

Announcing Source Code Pro « Typblography.

You can find the font download on Sourceforge at

  • Marko Milivojevic

    The font does look stunning.

  • Jason Costomiris

    Thanks for this.. Great looking font, works well with iTerm 2.