Response: Why Community Counts

Brent Salisbury has great blog about his experiences using SDN and OpenFlow at a University. He wrote this post about the power of Community:

The software development world wrote the book on community. The networking industry has typically been fragmented into islands with interactions being determined by vendor orchestrations. The leadership these folks are sowing often at the expense of time with family and self-interests, is not driven from monetary gain or or ego but to foster the community ideology that has been lacking at times in this industry. As we begin exploring the need for pragmatic evolution of the networks we design, build and operate this sense of community, that has been thriving in other verticals of computing will be vital to ensure the best path is followed.

If I could be so presumptuous, one of most important motivations  for me to invest time and energy into writing and podcasting is to share experiences and knowledge in the hope that other people will do the same. Data Networking desperately needs a Enterprise community to build strong discussion on their IT Infrastructure. Networking is the platform of which all IT Infrastructure stands and we need to make our voices heard.

Brent gets it.

Network – Why Community Counts.

PS: You should add his blog to your RSS reader. Great content and videos there.