Response: What’s in a Name? Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel Changes the Game

OK. I’m stumped. I’m having a full blown WTF moment here. It seems the storage industry gets it’s spiral into dumb and dumber by the day. Here is lustrous and full bodied marketing failure from Brocade:

I would often start product launch training meetings with the following rules:

  • The first rule of this launch is you do not talk about 16 Gbps
  • The second rule of this launch is you DO NOT talk about 16 Gbps

Why not ? That’s what it is. If it is a turd, call it a turd. If its not 16GB Fibre Channel then what is it ?

Fibre Channel has long been defined by speed. Paradoxically, when you ask SAN customers why they continue to buy Fibre Channel, there’s a six-nines probability that they will say it’s because of reliability or availability. At best, speed is a distant second or third choice; it’s a stereotype that has stuck in the progression from 1, 2, 4, 8 and now 16 Gbps Fibre Channel technology.

Huh ? No one gives a toss about any of this tosh. My car has a rear vision mirror but it’s not a “feature”.

Simply put, Gen 5 Fibre Channel is the purpose-built, data center-proven network infrastructure for storage, delivering unmatched reliability, simplicity, and 16 Gbps performance. The Brocade portfolio of Gen 5 Fibre Channel backbones and switches unleash the full potential of high-density server virtualization, cloud architectures, and next-generation storage.

Oh, right. Yeah, uh. What ?

So 16FC is now called Gen5 ? Why ?

I couldn’t give a toss. Storage industry just proved themselves to be even dumber that I previously thought was possible. Surely there should have been some other reaction from storage industry figureheads or is this a genuine innovation ?

It sure stinks like lipstick on a pig.

From all the things I’ve learned as a Network Architect in the last decade, here is the one that I’ll apply here : If it stinks like a turd, smells like a turd and tastes like turd, then it’s a turd. (Thanks to Scott Shimomura for pointing out my mixed metaphor – is this a bit clearer now ? )

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J Metz from Cisco has added to chorus of jeers with a much more comprehensive version of “WTF” which includes real details about all the stuff being wiped under the carpet.

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