Response: Targeted Internet Traffic Misdirection – Renesys

The report shows strong evidence that very specific prefixes were hijacked and diverted to countries where legal jurisdiction could be reasonably assumed to be weak. Renesys does not say which prefixes were hijacked but consider hijacking a corporate PI space and capturing a copy of all the email to & from a large company (email is largely unencrypted). Or capturing browsing traffic and analysing the web traffic with some sort of big data tool to look for signals on the company.

But there’s actually been a significant uptick this year in a completely different kind of attack, one that can be carried out by anybody, at a distance, using Internet route hijacking.

via The New Threat: Targeted Internet Traffic Misdirection – Renesys.

The NSA/Snowden revelations have highlighted the lack of security around email already but mass interception of email for a targeted corporate takes risk to a new level. Email admins are going to have some tough times ahead with implementing PKI on their infrastructure.

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  • PatG

    I think email admins are going to have a tough time *trusting* PKI let alone implementing it!

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