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Mike Fratto and NetworkComputing does a great job explaining the impact of Private Clouds on your career path:

The problem:

Change control rules the roost, and planned recovery procedures are required for every change. Cowboy IT isn’t allowed. The result is that IT operations are mostly manual, and any functions that are automated are tightly controlled with a skilled operator at the helm in case something goes awry. It’s how the company has always done it, and it works.

Ad then Mike hits the but of the problem for some/many people:

Bob is also dealing with operations staff members who feel like they’re automating themselves out of jobs. The press is replete with stories about large Internet behemoths like Facebook, Microsoft and Google who run hundreds or even thousands of servers with just a single admin. That means fewer IT jobs. No one wants to automate himself out of a job and, frankly, staff members aren’t likely to tell management about their fears. But it’s a problem you need to address head on.

My view is that the there is a whole new career waiting for you. If you don’t take it, it will be taken away.

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  • Mrs. Y.

    I agree with this wholeheartedly. I see constant resistance and fear from my colleagues who fail to embrace the shift happening in IT. As a result, they don’t realize they’re putting themselves on the endangered species list. The explosion of scale in networking gear and servers is no longer manageable with that “old school” attachment to manual methods. Let it go and move on to more exciting tasks. There are plenty to be had if you want to grow professionally.