Response: Intel SDK Update Boosts Data Center Switching Features

Intel announces that their SDK for their premium merchant silicon FM6000 now supports VXLAN, EVB with VEPA and TRILL.

This is faster than I expected to announce VXLAN and TRILL. In essence, these features are now vital for modern data centre  switching. Assuming that vendors can rapidly integrate the SDK into their firmware OS, the next generation of switches will have good feature capability for many cloud networks as well the enterprise.

Would be nice to know if this includes VXLAN termination – but I doubt it

The support for EVB with VEPA is a surprise – as far as I know, only HP is pushing ahead with this protocol and might signal that HP is looking to use these Intel networking chips in the future.

SDK Update Boosts Data Center Switching Features.

PS: I can’t compare Broadcom or Marvel because they don’t seem to publish anything about their products. Seems that it’s all secret squirrel / hush hush.