Response: High Density WiFi design recommendations: WLAN Ramblings

I think the writer is Timothy Dennehey, but this looks like a “keeper” for the times when you get involved with a high density WiFi design

A project that has been consuming a lot of my time these days is how to deploy high density Wi-Fi in indoor and outdoor arenas and other high capacity areas.

My information comes from countless hours of research – reading design guides from many vendors, watching WFD videos, and doing many site surveys in an existing high density deployment.

From all my research, I have found that High Density (HD) Wi-Fi is extremely difficult to deploy.  So here goes with all of my recommendations.  If you are an HD WLAN Engineer or have any suggestions, please feel free to chime in.  I’m all ears!

He then goes on list all fundamental design constraints that he used to design a WiFi deployment for a stadium. And then shows the test results.

Well worth a few minutes to read and consider.

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