Response: Geoff Huston Archives | RIPE 65

I’ve just finished watching this fantastic video from Geoff Huston at RIPE 65. Geoff is talking clearly, honestly and directly about how stupid implementing QOS is. Simply put:

  • QOS doesn’t fix anything, the damage just gets moved.
  • The amount of investment in deploying QOS is far more expensive than buying more bandwidth.
  • The carriers are attempts to use regulation by government bodies to earn more revenue for no extra service.

I agree with most everything Geoff since he is talking to service providers. There is no way that service providers can deliver QOS in networks today, they are too complex, and  the management systems are not able to cope.

Take the time to watch it if you can. I highly recommend it (although Ivan Pepelnjak wasn’t so agreeable to it)

Note: Geoff Huston is a well known Internet figure who has the history to make these sorts of claims.

Geoff Huston – The Concept of Quality of Service – Archives from RIPE 65.

  • Fazal Majid

    And he literally wrote the book on QoS back in 1998. I have a copy, and never got around to reading it.

    I remember discussing MPLS and QoS DiffServ with a core backbone engineer at France Telecom’s OpenTransit in 99 or so, when I literally lived across the canal from RIPE in Amsterdam. His take was that a transit provider’s job is to provide a non-blocking backbone, and that QoS is basically about expensively managing failure to deliver on that core promise.

  • Sam Stickland

    I had a insightful question from my PM, just the other day: “We’re already paying for this bandwidth, why do we have to pay more to divide it up how we want?” :)