Response: Cisco Blog – What Comes Next with Cisco and the ONF?

Omar Sultan writes on the Cisco Data & Cloud blog …..

We continue to strongly support ONF and its efforts related to SDN and our support has and will continue to been demonstrated in tangible ways.  One of the elements of the Cisco ONE announcement is onePK, which is an enabling technology and one of the things it has enabled is the development of our OpenFlow agents.  Similarly, we have introducing controllers and working with our customers to develop the technology.

What seems to surprise a lot of folks is that our contributions to ONF go beyond our own internal development efforts:

It’s true that Cisco’s commitment to OpenFlow and SDN appears to run deep. But the individuals Cisco has as representatives on the ONF are all from the Service Provider BU and are focussed on solutions for the Service Providers space.

I have the feeling that Cisco is less interested in SDN in the Enterprise space because few customers are interested. If customers aren’t asking their SE and AM reps then Cisco will not develop products. If you think OpenFlow/SDN can benefit your network then make sure that you ask for answers.

Then the Enterprise market might get some focus ? Or have I missed something (again) ?

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