Response: A Conference Call in Real Life – Video

While this is hilariously funny, especially the part about the guy talking to the wall at 1:50, this is why I rarely have telephone conference calls.

Remember people, IP Telephony/VoIP is all fail. We all hate web conferences because they all work badly (some much worse than others, thats right Webex I’m looking at you) . It works for a few people in a few unique circumstances. You need to be thinking of new tools and methods to replace telephone calls – it’s 2014 after all, this is the future.

  • Duane Grant

    What a great video. I’ve been through all of those at least 20 times. One from a meeting last week was, “Keith, I see two of you, so I’m passing one of you the ball.” If course it was the wrong one and Keith was in twice because he was disconnected earlier in the meeting and reconnected.

  • Ethan Banks

    Dave, have you been here the whole time? Perfect…

  • Jonathan Frappier

    Favorite part had to be the end “you’ll send out a recap email that could have basically taken the place of this whole meeting”