European Research on Future Internet Design – White Paper

The lack of our ability to upgrade to IPv6, or introduce better protocols, or new ideas in networking is utterly stifled today. Why is networking not able to adopt new protocols ? Are vendors blocking our ability to innovate ? Are we blocking ourselves ? I don’t know the answer but I enjoyed reading about it.

This image particularly made me stop and think :
Future internet 1

It’s true that everything around networking is innovation and improving. And it’s also true that protocols are hard to change – but is that the best choice ? I don’t know, but it’s worth thinking about.

The whole white paper is definitely worth reading to get a good summary of ideas of what’s going with the Internet today. The Internet isn’t broken, but was can act as caretakers of the common good. Network engineers should be aware of what isn’t going well and think about what we could do to fix.

Give it a quick read and think about it.

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  • andydavies

    There is some stuff going on in the middle – Google’s SPDY would be one example