Rant: Living with Legacy and Public Cloud Farting

No matter how hard the clouderati click the heels of their brogues together Click Those Brogues Togetherand repeat “public cloud is better” , the simple fact is that most companies have large amounts of IT infrastructure that works just fine and is profitable.

To make matters worse, the cost of transformation exceeds the potential financial return while creating substantial risk.

For most enterprises, the next few years will be spent building private clouds while they wait to see if the public cloud will prove reliable & cost-effective. At an infrastructure level, a public cloud looks quite similar to a private cloud – it all runs on the same hardware in the end.

Metaphor: All cars have five wheels, seats and a hole in the side that you put fuel into.

What is clear so far, is that companies with poor business models ( like startups or companies in failing market segments) who urgently need to avoid capital expenditure are moving some assets to the cloud.

Sometimes a fart signals an impending trip to the toilet but more often it is just a fart. Lets not confuse  early adoption with a long-term transition.

Oh, that’s right. Gartner made up some numbers that total technology spend in the world is $3.7 Trillion , IDC says that IT Spending is 2.1 Trillion so the $10Billion or so that the public cloud companies will make this year is …….. cute. Or is it $50 Billion ? Or is $100Billion

More certainty, less ‘clouderati’ is what will remove the blockage.

  • returnofthemus

    Not an unreasonable assumption, however misses the fundamental point. It is not an either or, it’s both (Hybrid). When you look at it top-down rather than bottom up, IaaS is no longer the main motivation, it’s PaaS and SaaS.

    WhatsApp was an example of a startup that was ‘born in the cloud’ and sold for how much?

    Nothing flawed about that business model 😉