Productive Mac Software Bundle – Recommended

There is a lot of software available for your Mac OSX and often there are bundles of software on sale that just aren’t that good. But I found this one today that truly has FIVE of my personal favourite programs for only USD$39. Therefore I’m recommending it to you.

Productive mac bundle 20111205

The five programs that I use and some description are:

My Favourite Programs
BusyCal Because iCal is ugly and works like crap. BusyCal is the best calendaring program I’ve tried ( several). Syncs with Google, iCloud, Exchange etc. and uses ICS files for more glamour
Fantastical Allows you to use natural language to add appointments to your BusyCal – once you have used this, you’ll be chuffed.
LaunchBar the best way to drive OSX with the keyboard. Provides uber-enhancements and deep integration to make everything you do work better. First application I install on a new Mac.
Default Folder X It took me nine months of tinkering with this software before I got it. It enhances the File/Save dialog os OSX into something more keyboard friendly, and completely useful.
Tags In OSX, you can tag every file with a keyword and thus search, reference, cross reference them. I’ll admit, this takes a while to work but start by tagging every PDF you download e.g. Cisco Nexus 7000 documentation gets nexus 7000 documentation so I can search for this in the future.

If you only only use two of these programs, you are saving money, but to five in a bundle is pretty good.

You can buy the bundle using the link :

Disclosure: this is an affiliate link and I’ll make a couple of bucks if you do decide to purchase the bundle. My children would be very grateful!!

Productive mac bundle 2 20111205

  • L33tlinux

    So are you going to get this for free then?

    • Etherealmind

      No. I already own the five apps I’ve talked about so why buy them again ?

      If I get any money it will genuinely go to buying shoes.