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Reassuringly expensive

1. Terminology used by sales representative to refer to high level of quality and overall excellence in this product, as in “it wasn’t built on the cheap”. Sometimes even meant honestly.

2. Term that refers to the eye watering cost of the product or solution, often for the benefit of the manufacturer or reseller.

3. For very large companies, a mandatory requirement for any IT project, as anything cheap is inherently and obviously valueless.

But for John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, in a recent article on Reuters

4. Q: What about the middle point about the Cisco price premium? They call it the Cisco tax, that people pay a big Cisco tax. tweet

A: Well, that’s a little bit unfair. Do we come down Moore’s Law at tremendous speed? The answer is yes. As long as you do that, customers don’t have a problem with you making a premium, because if you don’t make a premium, you don’t develop new products. You don’t protect their investment. They’ve all been through that. tweet

What does that mean ?

I’m calling it.

Caption Text.

Cisco and Reassuringly Expensive.(Click for a full size image)

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