Poster: Manager, Engineer, Architect, ITIL Consultant

Because ITIL sucks the enjoyment out of working in technology by making pointless administrative work.

Agile is the schizz.






With apologies to Joey Roth for the inspiration.

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  • Aaron Paxson


  • Matt Bynum

    I would have to concur with Aaron.

  • Dhana

    Doesn’t Agile basically mean “get the firewalls out of my way dammit!”

    • Greg Ferro

      I agree with the sentiment. For Agile means have one person configure everything with an automated process.

      I should be able to configured a Load Balancer, Firewalls, IDS, Router, Switch setup with a single days work without a change request or risk.

  • Stephen Royce

    Rightly done, its all what i can say now…

  • matak

    That was pretty long winded for what it was…. must be a “manager” of trolls or “engineer” of Netgear switches at his moms….

    • Daniel Rohan

      Here’s another hypothesis: You are a douche bag. Totally possible, but I can’t say for certain.

      • Etherealmind

        Me either, but my actions speak for themselves. As, clearly, do yours

        • Daniel Rohan

          Wasn’t talking about you, Greg. Unless you also go by matak.

          • Etherealmind

            Sorry, I saw the comment in the moderation app. Apologies.

  • JuanCarlo Saavedra

    I Want to translate this image to spanish.

    Can I do?

    I will mention the source.