Poster: Cisco 360˙Program Training Waiver

In some ways, the CCIE OEQ Waiver program sounds like a mafia protection racket from the movies:

  1. You pay a bit extra for our ‘program’
  2. We’ll check you are in good standing with our ‘members’
  3. We’ll make sure you are “protected” from the OEQ in the CCIE lab exam.
  4. Thankyou for the donation to our corporate revenues and get our snouts into the trough of cash.

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I have posted my more comprehensive thoughts in Blessay: On CCIE Core Knowledge Waivers. The HP fallout continues. – UPDATED and continue to think that this is an badly thought out attempt to prop up the 360˙ program during a period of low revenues keep the resellers ‘sweet’. But, really, there doesn’t seem to be any way to polish this turd.

  • Steve

    What boggles my mind is the unfounded fear folks have of these open-ended questions. Even a barely prepared CCIE candidate should have no problem with the open-ended portion of the lab exam. And quite frankly, if you are going to be scared of anything, it should be of the other 2/3s of the exam.

    But bravo to Cisco for using this as a business opportunity. One would wonder what if the public outcry wasn’t so strong, would there be a Cisco 360 voucher program? Of course not…

    • MadVillian

      It’s not an unfounded fear, its fact… people are still failing because of the OEQs. Talk to any vendor (360 or non). I agree with you thou, kudos for Cisco for leveraging the OEQs and the wavier for an advantage for their vendors. Its their program and they can do anything they want.

      Great article Greg, I think you hit the nail on the head on alot whats going on. I work for a large ISP and you’re exactly right about who the 360 Program is for and I can tell you from first-hand experience. Management has been asking Cisco “why am I paying you a premium rate for training vs. these other guys (grey market) and my guys are still failing?”. I can also tell you that at the same time Juniper has been making HUGE inroads into our network, Id say about 30% of our Backbone devices are now Juniper.

      Personally, I’ll be happy once the CCIE is not the “it” cert and Cisco is not so dominant “Competition is Good!”….and I think we are well on our way to that day coming.

  • Darby Weaver

    The last time I actually spoke with Narbik over the OEQ (pre-announced OEQ Waiver) I’d have had to say he was furious over the OEQ…

    His students were not passing.

    2 date only 2 have that I’m aware of – maybe a third and one gave Ruhann de Plessis the credit for the OEQ publicly. His CCIE Short Notes did the trick. Google: Routing Bits.

    Darby Weaver

    On OEQ, if you think they are “simple” you ain’t seen or faced enough of them.