OSX:Creating a DuckDuckGo Search from Launch Bar

I use LaunchBar on my Mac so I don’t have to use the mouse. It’s usually called an application launcher or something similar.

I’ve been finding the Google Search is really going downhill so I’m switching to use DuckDuckGo.com because:

  1. I’m finding that my search results are trapped in profile bubbles and I don’t get the results that I want. Usually I’m looking for search results that I DONT KNOW and the Google recommendation engine is preventing me from seeing results that it thinks I don’t want to see. Once upon a time I would stumble on new stuff, or different stuff that was incredibly useful. Now I just see the same crap sites who have gamed the SEO to get to the top, or are popular for the wrong reasons.
  2. Google Plus integration is annoying.
  3. Popout windows which previews pages is annoying.
  4. The ads are annoying. If I could pay to remove them. Although I use an ad blocker/privacy tool such as Ghostery it’s still not perfect and it’s not right.

This is how to configure LauchBar to keyboard launch a search using DuckDuckGo with this text “http://duckduckgo.com/?q=*”

Duckduckgo 1


Then I use my keyboard shortcut for Launch,  “⌘-Spacebar” then type “ddg”

Duckduckgo 2

Press enter and this search window opens

Duckduckgo 3


Then a Safari window will open and show your result.

Duckduckgo 4


  • Will

    You’re so smart.  I’d never have even thought to search for another search engine.  I’d be interested to see the search results that you were referring to as a comparison

  • brandoncarroll

    Great Tip Greg.  I love learning new things to do with Launchbar!