Using TextExpander to Type Faster

I often make mistakes typing all sorts of words in networking. Vendors like VMware & CheckPoint use camel case and there are plenty of weird words.

Here is a screenshot of my “Spelng” folder 1 that I use to type through non-English words and get correctly typed and capitalised.

Text expander sdate

Couple of tips – set the content to be “Plain Text”, and ignore the case of your own abbreviation so if you type the shortcut wrong, it will still work.

Text expander sdate 1

  1. Well, I thought it was funy. Spelng …. spelng…. geddit ?

  • Lindsay Hill

    Minor nitpick: If you really want to make Phoneboy happy, you’d change checkpoint/CheckPoint to “Check Point”

    • Etherealmind

      My opinions on CheckPoint are pretty clear… :)

  • brandoncarroll

    Hey Greg,  Would you mind saving a copy of your snippets and sharing them?