ONF Extends their SDN to Embrace NETCONF and YANG

In this blog post, Calle Moberg (from Tail-F Systems who makes NETCONF software) highlights that the ONF has embraced NETCONF as mandatory for configuration of OpenFlow enabled devices. I didn’t know this was coming:

[…] OF-CONFIG1.0 requires that devices supporting OF-CONFIG 1.0 MUST implement NETCONF protocol as the transport. This in turn implies as specified by NETCONF specification that OpenFlow Capable Switches supporting OF-CONFIG1.0 must implement SSH as a transport protocol

This is significant since we will get an established standard to configure OpenFlow devices and NETCONF has existing software libraries (in Python, Perl etc) that are tested and proven for device configuration. This  will lead to the market developing faster and development cloud automation tools will be possible by ordinary mortals. Today, I’m expecting to see tools from cloud oriented networks to move into the enterprise space (mostly as the cloud providers fail in the years to come) and it’s

If you haven’t heard of NETCONF before, I’ve spoken previously about the value of NETCONF in this attempt to summarise it, discussed it as part of the SDN standards debate and even predicted that NETCONF would be big in 2012. I also talked about NetConf in my Introduction to OpenFlow/SDN webinar 1 where I presented this slide which attempts to outline how NetConf fits into the existing management protocols. Not sure if it’s helpful but it’s might help to explain how NetConf is important.

You might also be interested in this sponsored podcast with Calle talking about TAIL-F and the NetConf protocol. The show was long on technical discussion and light on vendor spin.

Original Link : Capital Letters Galore as The ONF Extends their SDN to Embrace NETCONF and YANG « On Network Management.

  1. Disclosure: This webinar was sponsored by BigSwitch.