Network ZEN: The Cloud isn’t where you are going

He said “Master, why do you believe that the Cloud is of little value ?”

The Master, who was mulling a difficult conundrum in the Flow said abstractedly “When you travel to market do you take the bus or a car ?”

The Mendicant was puzzled, but answered honestly “Master, I would take the bus since it is convenient and cheap”

The Master said “And when you visit your mother, on the other side of town, do you also catch the bus ?”

“The bus does not travel near to my mother’s house” said the Mendicant

The Master said nothing, but looked at the Mendicant

The Mendicant looked sheepish “Although, I can catch three buses to get there. It’s not exactly the journey I want to take and it get’s more expensive too”

“And thus it is with the Cloud” said the Master “It works well enough provided that you are going where the Cloud goes, but all other directions are much more difficult.”

The Master also said, “And what would happen if the bus stopped going to your mothers house ? What would you do then, when you have sold your car ? ”

And the mendicant was enlightened.

  • John Dias

    The Medicant should buy a hybrid.