Network Zen – Standardisation


The Network Master was at one with the flow when the Student approached.

The Student asked “Master, why do you have the same router with the same configuration everywhere ?”

The Master was disappointed, but not surprised. He paused to collect his thoughts and consider the matter fully.

He said “When you lose a sock, what happens to the other sock ?”

The Student looked baffled. He stopped to think and eventually said “Why, Master, the sock is of no use”.

The Master said “And if I had ten pairs of identical socks, and lost one sock, what would then happen ?”

And the Student was enlightened.

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  • Alex S

    Bow to you ,,,,(_ _),,,,

    On the other hand if you have only one type of socks, let’s say cotton, and those socks get eaten by some bug (moth), you loose most of your socks if not all and suffer from cold.
    On the other hand, if you had also silk socks together with your cotton ones – knowing that moths do not like silk – you could wear them while your cotton socks get fixed or replaced