Network Zen – Standardisation and Failure

After meditating about the Standardisation Zen, the Student felt that something wasnít right. He meditated, he studied and thought carefully until he was sure.

ìMasterî he said, ìI think I understand the Zen of Standardisation. But I think it is flawedî

The student went on ìIf you have only one type of sock for every day of the week, and that sock attracts bugs to that ruin them, would not all your socks be unworthy for your feet. And then you would have no socks!î

The Master smiled most humbly. The Student was beginning to understand that the the way of Network Zen was not always the easiest path.

And he said ìBut then I would know that the problem was with the socks and not my shoesî.

And the Student was most humbly enlightened.


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