Network ZEN: Paperwork

The ZEN Network Master was considering the oneness of the Flow. It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t right.

Intrigued by this aspect, he called the Student to bring the Scripture that had created this service. The Student stood before the Master, much crestfallen and sheepish in visage. His mouth flapped like a salesman, but no noise was made.

The Master understood. He knew what had happened. As punishment, the Student was forbidden from using toilet paper of any kind for one week and must show the Master his hands before he washed them.

The Student was much shamed, and disgusted by the punishment.

At the end of the week, the master asked what the Student had learned. And the Student said “The job isn’t finished until the paperwork is done”.

The Master smiled and saw that the Student was enlightened.

  • Chris Fabri

    A little bit late, but, Thank You!