Network ZEN: OSPF or EIGRP

The Zen Network Master was meditating over his network, at oneness with the Flow of packets.

A student approached the Master and asked “Master, I am finding it difficult to choose the Path†of EIGRP or the Path of OSPF. I have meditated much and cannot understand the choice.”

The Master thought for a long while, breathing deeply while considering the Flow. And he spoke “That which is open, is always the way. Openness brings sharing and integration with all forms of the Flow and creates more Flow. That which is closed can look precious, but cannot be integrated with all of the Flow”

“For the good of the Flow, open is always better than closed because all can share the Flow”

And the student was enlightened.

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  • Ali

    Funny and great…

  • Ivan Brunello

    sometimes a don’t-share-all-info-with-neighbors-database is handy.
    (just think of distribute-lists)

    Using Multiple OSPF processes is a nightmare, and BGP is sometimes simply too much for a small deployment.

    Any decent distance-vector protocol, please?

    I can’t do anything, but rely on EIGRP (and its dreaded SIA problem), whenever I find a DV routing protocol fits.

    And YES, my daily work is currently focused on OSPF & BGP 😉

  • Russell Heilling


    I hear the rumblings of the approaching ipocalypse and I must make myself ready.

    When preparing for the future should my choice remain the same?

    I feel myself drawn to the strange world of extensible open protocols; BGP and even the cryptic stranger IS-IS. If the flow of the network is towards multi-protocol is there not wisdom in choosing a protocol that is also thus?”

    (I have used both IS-IS and OSPF for v6 routing. OSPFv2 for v4 and OSPFv3 for v6 can mitigate risk through separation but I lean towards IS-IS because a single integrated protocol is easier to manage. I haven’t touched EIGRP since about 1997, when IPv6 was routed using RIP across the 6BONE so I can’t comment on it’s approach to a dual-stack network. As an SP veteran I also have a natural tendency to use BGP for everything other than the core network links.)