Network Dictionary – Address Family Translation

Address Family Translation ( abbrev AFT) refers to the translation from one address family into another address family.

  • For example, from IPv4 address to IPv6 address or vice versa.
  • translation is sometimes denoted as NAT46 ( initiator from IPv4 side) or NAT64 (initiator from IPv6 side).
  • AFT can be stateful or stateless.
  • Stateless AFT is also known as IVI (note use of Roman numerals, IV = 4 and VI = 6); note, IVI can be IPv4 or IPv6 initiated. More info
  • __You should clearly note that the IETF remains opposed to NAT or NAT-PT translation but many vendors are attempting different approaches to find an alternative. I feel sorry for the person who has to support an FTP64 application gateway, and laugh at the idea of a SIP64 gateway.