Network Diagrams:Locking the Background Shape

The Problem

In a previous post, I covered how to create a shape that would create a type of 3D effect. You can read that article on Drawing a Background Shapehere.

It’s also worth looking at why you want to do this in “On the Art of Network Diagrams and Presentation” and see the full diagram we are trying to put together.

The problem with large shape on your diagram is that it keeps “getting in the way”. As you add other shapes it seems that you are always selecting the wrong element.

Shape Protection – Simple Method

The easiest way to solve the problem is to “lock” the shape that is in the background. Right click on the object and Format, Protection:


And you will have a list of options. I usually just select “All” and OK.


Just select OK for this.


And now when you select the object, the handles are grey (not green blocks) and you cannot move the shape.


This should make it easier to “draw over the top” of the background shapes.

Wrap up

There are better ways to do this, but this is a fast and easily explained solution and will work for most people.

If you have any suggestions or tips, don’t hesitate to send them in. I always have something to learn. Go to my contact page and send me some stuff.

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  • Marko Milivojevic

    There could be more useful background elements on the page, like border, header, etc. All these shouldn’t get in the way. I prefer to put them in a separate layer and then lock it (View/Layer Properties). To prevent objects in this layer from interfering with the rest of the drawing, disable snap and glue in the same screen, too.

  • Raj

    Yes, I too prefer to use Layer to lock it. Protection seems to be very specific and not easy to undo.